Simple Voyage

Simple Voyage

Simple Voyage - Léa Brassy & Vincent ColliardSimple Voyage is how we called the lifestyle my partner Vincent Colliard and I have been sharing since 2009 by gathering our respective passions for polar exploration and water adventures.

Vincent is polar adventurer and photographer. In 2014, he founded the IceLegacy project with his childhood hero and now rope partner BørgeOusland. They aim to cross the 20 largest glaciers on Earth documenting their fragility.

Our quest is meant to be simple and authentic, collecting magic moments of pure connection with Nature. Moments that will forever remain in our memories, gratifying us of the invaluable wealth of experiencing a wild environment.

From the beginning we chose to let our passions lead our life path, which nowadays brings us together around an unusual daily life of which Nature and adventure are naturally the heart.

Strong experiences helped to build our team, such as our surf and mountaineering van trip in Northern Norway or our unsupported ski expedition in search for unknown waves to surf on the Northern coast of Iceland (film Being There).

We leave in Biarritz in South West of France where we can work on our projects and enjoy the proximity of the Atlantic Ocean and the Pyrenees mountain range, which makes an exceptional playground.