Lea Brassy, Surfer & Water Woman« Living outside and experiencing the elements has been in my spirit for as long as I remember. An incredible pull has always attracted me towards the Ocean and the coastline in particular.

I’m in my 30s, I have a rather strong character, and a wild hunger for life. Originally from Normandy, in France, I am now living between French Polynesia and the French Basque Country. I surf, spearfish and sail. My nursing degree is a time-to-time job as my passions have become more and more important. My girlfriends tease me as they say I am a « dream dealer »! At least I live my dreams, and respect others. Because I believe dreams are what makes us human!

Since I was 12-13 years old, in order to share special moments with the Ocean, I surf it’s waves. Surfing is for me a genuine and privileged way to be closer to the elements, to live their intensity. Further than a simple practice or a sport, it’s a true passion, yet a lifestyle, that has pushed me to make serious choices towards a minimal lifestyle rich with experiences.

From the snowy valleys of Iceland or Norway, through mild climates on the coastlines of New-Zealand, South Africa, Ireland or Chile, to the tropical beaches of the Caribbean Islands, Costa Rica, Indonesia or Japan, surfing has nourished all my fascinations, my dreams of elsewhere, exoticism, curiosity and outstanding travels. To the point of pulling a sled on skis to discover remote waves of a frozen paradise.

Léa Brassy, Ocean Woman AdventurerThrough my travels, I visited numerous authentic places in France and Europe but also all around the globe. Sometimes alone, sometimes with my partner or a friend, in my van, by foot, by skis or on a sailboat, I shape my understanding of the coastal world and seaside communities. Environmental and ecological issues are paramount everywhere in these fragile territories. And naturally, as we tend to protect what we care for, these questions have become essential in my eyes.

In order to reduce my environmental impact and to be an example, I consume less but more selectively. Quality over quantity. My understanding is that I live more freely owning less material stuff. That’s how country people, peasantry, have showed us the way to get the most of Nature. I believe in mutual and communal mindset: buying together, sharing what can be shared, lending and borrowing. Also, I practice simple principles of consum’action : to buy local, seasonal, reusable, compostable, upgradable, fixable…

Léa Brassy, French Woman AdventurerAuthentic to this way of thinking, spearfishing allows me to practice what I preach and provide for myself. Putting food on the table by using the most selective way to hunt. Letting my instincts drive me. Choosing, spearing, cleaning, scaling, cooking to eat my own fish is extremely simple and pure. Nonetheless, despite the fact that self-providing food has become rare and precious, nearly a luxury, it remains a remarkable source of satisfaction.

So, welcome to my sweet, little world, where everything seems easy and colorful! This life of mine is not only made of utopic visionary. I also have fifteen years of experience on the road, where I have made some conscientiously considered decisions and dealt with their consequences to match my strong ideals that take into account a healthy body, mind and soul continually respecting the community and our Planet Earth. »