Surfing came in my life when I was 12, thanks to my older brother Max, in Normandy. Back then I was training as a competitive swimmer in a pool but my passion for surfing was born in the wild open landscapes of Cotentin coastline.I was scared of depth and it’s only later, in 2013 during a surfing trip on the North Shore of Oahu, that I was introduced to free diving by my Hawaiian friend Kimi Werner. A door opened to my inner world.

Surf ambassador for Patagonia since 2011, I am proud to represent a progressive and activist business. I feel grateful to be supported in the way I express my passion and promote my environmental and social convictions by a brand, and people, who share the same strong values.

Educated as a qualified nurse, I worked during 8 years balancing replacement jobs and travels, finding a good balance between being there for others and achieving my own dreams. My last position was on a small atoll of the Tuamotu Archipelago in French Polynesia.

Since my first van trip with my brother when I was 14 years old, I travelled the world to search for waves but also for lifestyle inspiration. Isolated island life fascinates me. I am curious to experience life with people who live in harmony with their environment, juggling between modernity and traditions.

Inspired by people I met during my travels in New Zealand, Iceland, French Polynesia or Chile, I learnt from their simplicity, their joy, but also from their ability to live by their own values and protect their environmental resources for the generations to come.

In 2020, I settled in Pays de Seignanx, in South West of France. I have a few beehives, and grow a vegetable garden. My intention is to be closer to the living world. My idea is also to start the process of providing food for my own family.