Léa Brassy, principles and responsabilityBeing and acting in tunes with my environmental and social convictions is to me a statement of serving nature and my community but also a great source of personal satisfaction.

I am committed to a responsible and sustainable lifestyle that consists of making informed consumer choices based on simplicity, common sense and respect of the living being accordingly to our heritage from past generations.

I often question my needs in order to remain farseeing in regards to the materialistic influence of our society. It’s my way to value life experiences over stuff and keep my freedom.

My plate is full with local and seasonal fruits and vegetables, my fish is caught sustainably and my meat and dairy are farmed on a small scale and bought directly from the producer.

About material goods, I prefer quality over quantity, sharing over ownership, swapping over buying, second hand over brand new, fixing over replacement, farmers markets over supermarkets.

I constantly careful with my waste by reducing, reusing and recycling packaging but also by never throwing food away.

Fields of action are numerous: food, transport, cosmetics, …