Activist company founded in 1973 in California by surfers and climbers claiming a minimalist lifestyle.

Its mission is to build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm and use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis.

« When I am surfing in 36°F with a wetsuit made of 16oz of sustainably grown Hevea gum and water based solvents, my environmental concern are met yet I use the best gear available. »

Keeping the traditional connection between surfer and shaper alive, FCD is dedicated to building the lightest and strongest surfboards using lower-impact materials* and processes. Made in Ventura by a tight-knit crew of lifelong craftsmen who live and breath surfing.

* blanks using closed-cell EPS foam that contains no VOCs

« Fletcher listens and he really understood that I like paddling volume without compromising performance. The boards he made me are light and durable, and it makes a difference, especially on trips. »

The board of tourism of La Manche highlights an attracting territory yet not so well known. In this part of lower Normandy, dedicated people live with the elements, in a generous nature, inland and on the coast, with pride and respect for their community.

« Going back to La Manche means reconnecting with my childhood playground, the raw and genuine territory where the seed of adventure was planted in me some 20 years ago. »

Landes based brand, Nunti-Sunya is dedicated to the revival of Hemp in all forms. Growing this crop is naturally ecological and the plant covers most of ours needs including food. Nutritionally, it offers a high quality option for a low environmental cost.

« Growing food is a main tool to bring back sense in our lifestyle. With hemp, possibilities are endless. Nunti-Sunya leads us the right way. »

In Vannes, France, Éric Breier and his team custom make high-quality fins for all water activities including free diving, spearfishing and bodysurfing. Their ability to listen to one’s needs and their expertise are key to provide specific fins in a high quality of manufacture.

« My Breier fins have enhanced my underwater experience. Éric provides me precious pieces of advice in terms of equipment. It’s a great partnership. »

Performing wax made of natural ingredients, produced locally and packed by a program helping social reinsertion to fulfill the strong environmental and social values of this small big-hearted business.

« I met Damien one afternoon, a smell of cake emanated from his shop so I entered. I replied with a smile: “I cook wax but since all ingredients are natural, you can taste it!” »