Activist company founded in 1973 in California by surfers and climbers claiming a minimalist lifestyle.

Its mission is to build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm and use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis.

Patagonia, partner of Léa Brassy

« When I am surfing in 36°F with a wetsuit made of 16oz of sustainably grown Hevea gum and water based solvents, my environmental concern are met yet I use the best gear available. »

Keeping the traditional connection between surfer and shaper alive, FCD is dedicated to building the lightest and strongest surfboards using lower-impact materials* and processes. Made in Ventura by a tight-knit crew of lifelong craftsmen who live and breath surfing.

* blanks using closed-cell EPS foam that contains no VOCs

Fletcher Designs, partner of Léa Brassy

« Fletch listens and he really understood that I like paddling volume without compromising performance. The boards he made me are light and durable, and it makes a difference, especially on trips. »

Airline Company flying from Tahiti to the rest of the world carrying the welcoming, simple and generous spirit of French Polynesia. I am part of the Tahiti Nui Explorers program that highlights the spirit of oceanic adventure and exploration that is the heart of Polynesian culture.

Air Tahiti Nui, partner of Léa Brassy

« Finally an airline where your reusable bottle is welcome! Aboard the plane, it’s already Tahiti and its comforting family spirit. »

Family business making high quality cosmetics certified organic and eco-friendly (Ecocert and Cosmébio labels) established in Biarritz and committed to education and innovation.

Laboratoires de Biarritz, partner of Léa Brassy

« Soap and shampoo in a single cardboard package called Nomas that reduces my use of plastic, the weight of my luggage and makes my shower cleaner. »

Performing wax made of natural ingredients, produced locally and packed by a program helping social reinsertion to fulfill the strong environmental and social values of this small big-hearted business.

Green Fix, partner of Léa Brassy

« I met Damien one afternoon, a smell of cake emanated from his shop so I entered. I replied with a smile: “I cook wax but since all ingredients are natural, you can taste it!” »

Bodysurfing handplanes both technical and esthetical made by the hand of a skilled craftsman and bodysurfer.

Bûcheron de la Mer, partner of Léa Brassy

« A piece of art for extra speed to make it through tricky sections while being relatively discreet for swimming. »

The family-owned company is on a mission to reduce single-use plastic by offering non-toxic solutions such as stainless steel and BPA-free reusable water bottles and cups.

Klean Kanteen, partner of Léa Brassy

« KK brings me an healthy and practical solution to reduce efficiently my use of plastic. Fill up after fill up, I participate in the common cause and shows example. »

Physical and mental training to better performance through consciousness and fluidity, in a state of flow. Mobility, optimal breathing, focus and recovery complement the training to better the performance’s consistency.

Yogin Flow, partenaire de Léa Brassy

« Two sessions, a warm up and a recovery, bring my mental and my body to tune in to improve experience and enjoyment of my passions. »