Being There is a short film that I directed where I go on an adventure with my ex-boyfriend, combining both of our passions for Mountain and Ocean. From our preparations to the expedition, the story tells about 40 miles of skiing unsupported across a snowy valley of Northern Iceland in search for remote waves to surf. As you follow us skiing and surfing at the end of the Arctic winter, get an insight of our emotions and the purpose of our adventurous lifestyle.

26 minutes, 2016.
Léa Brassy
Sarah Menzies at Let Media
Vincent Colliard & Léa Brassy
Julien Tardif at Cenitz Studio
Motion Design
Marcos Perez Fernandez at Maitak
Original muic
Additional usic
San Diego Surf Film Festival
The Skip, Spirit of the Festival Award 2017. (Skip Frye tribute 2017)
Anglet International Surf Film Festival
The Search Award 2017.
Portuguese Surf Film Festival
Women in surf films Award 2017.


Catch It is a short film directed by Sarah Menzies that paints a portrait of me during a season spent in the Lofoten Islands of Norway. I had met Sarah around a beer on the beach (wearing thick down jackets) as she was visiting from the US to make an activist documentary against oil drilling on the coastline of the archipelago. Catch It had a strong popularity in surf, adventure and outdoor film festivals around the world.

11 minutes, 2013.
Direction and Images
Sarah Menzies at Let Media
Additional footage


So often, the best inspiration comesfromfriends. Not long ago, Kimi Werner and Léa Brassyjoined Liz Clark on hersailboat, Swell, for a sailing, surfing, and freediving trip wheretheyforaged for theirownmeals and explored the true beauty of the Tuamotus. Combiningpowersabove and below the surface, theyhad a chance to share the thingsthatmotivatethem the most—seeking challenge, getting back to basics and stayingtrue to the authentic self.

My free diver and spear fisher friend from Hawaii Kimi Werner and I met with Californian sailor and surfer Liz Clark on her sailboat Swell in the Tuamotu islands in French Polynesia. Doing what we love (surfing, sailing, spearfishing), we’ve shared about our convictions and the reasons why we follow unusual paths.